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Archives for: December 2016

Medpor Implant Fracture in Microtia Reconstruction

Written by Youssef Tahiri on December 6, 2016

Implant fracture in Medpor ear reconstruction can occur at any time. It can be very subtle and would present with a change in shape and definition. One would be able to detect an implant facture by being able to mobilize the two segments together.

Why do we operate on Craniosynostosis?

Written by Youssef Tahiri on December 5, 2016

Craniosynostosis refers to a premature closure of cranial suture(s). Its incidence ranges from 1/1,800 to 1/2,500 live births. I can either be isolated or involve multiple suture. It is also classified as Non-syndromic vs. Syndromic.