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Trigger Thumb

Trigger Thumb Treatment in Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Trigger Thumb Treatment for Children

Looking for a trigger thumb specialist in Beverly Hills? Dr. Youssef Tahiri provides trigger thumb release through surgery to relieve this condition.

What is Trigger Thumb?

Trigger thumb (or “stenosing tenosynovitis”) is a painful condition caused by an inflamed tendon that causes the patient’s thumb becomes locked into a bent position. When occuring to digits other than the thumb, this condition is called “trigger finger.” When the tendon sheath that surrounds the flexot tendons becomes inflamed, the thumb locks into a bent position. Trigger thumb can be treated both non-surgically or with surgery. Dr. Tahiri is a trigger thumb specialist and can resolve this issue through the appropriate treatment.

If stretching and splinting aren’t enough, surgery is recommended and is called trigger thumb release or A1 pulley release. It is a same-day surgery.

Trigger Thumb Procedure

Doctor Tahiri will make a small incision in the palmar crease of skin at the base of the thumb and then release the A1 pulley; while making sure to not injure the nerves, arteries or tendon. This takes pressure off the tendon and allows it to glide smoothly. The tendon sheath will heal more loosely than before, reducing pressure and swelling. The nodule is not removed.

Recovery Info

After surgery, your child will need a bandage for one to two weeks to protect their thumb while it heals. Trigger thumb rarely recurs after treatment, and children infrequently require additional treatments. You can expect your child to regain normal use of their thumb after treatment. Most patients can return to normal activity immediately following surgery.


Trigger Thumb FAQ


What causes Trigger Thumb?

Trigger thumb can occur in patients both young and old, but there is a tendency for women over the age of 40 to develop it. People who have had previous hand injuries, or those suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, or gout are also prone to developing trigger thumb. Stress on the tendons from repetitive motion can also be a factor.

What are the symptoms?

The most noticeable symptom is that the thumb is locked in a straight, or bent position and must be moved with the other hand to unbend. Other symptoms include a sore lump in the palm, swelling and tenderness at the base of the thumb, and painful clicking when the thumb is bent or straightened.

Do I need to get surgery for trigger thumb?

If you don’t seek out treatment, your trigger thumb could become locked in place permanently. Because trigger thumb is the result of inflammation, steroids or anti-inflammatory medicine can help patients resolve it on their own. Dr. Tahiri may also place your thumb into a splint until the swelling returns to normal.