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Stahl Ear

Stahl’s Ear Deformity Treatment

Stahl’s Ear Deformity is a malformation that causes an extra fold in the upper part of the ear, and makes the ear pointier. It’s sometimes referred to as “Vulcan Ear” after the Star Trek characters who had pointy ears. Stahl Ear can be treated with otoplasty (ear surgery) or with ear molding to re-shape the earlobe.

If diagnosed during the neonatal period (within 2-3 months of a child’s birth), milder forms of Stahl ear can be treated with ear molding. Ear molding is a non-surgical method of treating ear malformations.

More severe forms of Stahl’s ear will need surgery once the patient’s ear reaches its near adult size. Surgery is usually delayed until the patient is at least 5 to 7 years of age, to ensure that the ear is of adequate size and that surgery will not affect significantly growth. Surgery involves a direct exposure of the cartilage, cartilage manipulation, reversal and suturing.

Los Angeles patients with Stahl Ear are encouraged to contact Youssef Tahiri, M.D. to learn more about treatment.