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  • Mix 2 white Azoft packets and 2 blue Azoft packets together until you obtain a uniform light blue color.
  • Mold approximately 1/5 of this material into the canal or faux canal.
  • Coming back to the remaining Azoft, apply the remaining material around the entire outer ear. You can split the Azoft material into a “sausage” and a “pancake”. Apply the sausage behind the ear and the pancake on top of the ear. Incorporate the two portions together to create one single unit. The mold should be made to look similar to the mold that was placed over the ear following surgery.
  • When the mold has hardened, the mold can be removed.
  • Use as directed by the International Institute for Microtia Repair staff.
  • Clean the mold occasionally with antibacterial soap and water.