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Typical response to a Augmentation Cranioplasty Inquiry

Hi everyone, I am attaching a copy of a typical email discussion about an augmentation cranioplasty / skull reshaping surgery.

Enjoy the read. 

1) What will be the likely price range for this surgery and all associated appointments? 
The price will depend on the reconstruction you choose. All associated appointments are included in the surgery fee. My principle is that if I operate on a patient, it is my duty to follow up on him/her and make sure that the healing process is going well.

Cost is going to be divided into 4 sections:

The surgeon fee

The type of implant or the amount bony cement to use

The Surgery center fee

The anesthesia fee.


My surgeon fee is quite fixed. It ranges from $ 8000 to $ 12000 depending on the amount of work to be done. In your case to re-contour the right side, we are looking at around $9000-9500.


The surgery center and anesthesia fee are also relatively fixed. They vary on the number of hours needed for the surgery. My assistant can help you with the cost. it is relatively low compared to the rest. i think it is around $ 3-4000


The type of reconstruction is going to be your variable. If you use a 3 D designed PEEK implant, it costs $10 000 (not my price, it is the price of the company making them). If you use a silicone 3D designed implant, it costs aroung $ 5000. If you use bone calcium cement, the price will range between 5000 to 10 000$. There is another type of bone cement, that is not calcium and that is much cheaper and cost i believe 2000$.


We can discuss via a skype the different options, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

2) What Medical data will be required (Scans/images Etc) and will I be able to get these done in my home country? 

You will need a 3D CT head without contrast with 1.5mm cuts. They are very straightforward to get. You can get it in Australia and send it to me via Mail.

3) As an overseas patient, will I be able to get all the appointments and surgery done in one trip and how long do I need to be in the area? 

I think we can get this done in only one trip. A 10 days long trip should be good.

4) As I mentioned, I am balding. So aside from scarring, will there be any visual imperfections left after the surgery such as bumpiness or an outline of the implant? 

Aside from the scar that will improve with time, there should not be imperfections, since when i am in the operating room, after doing the cranioplasty, i always triple check and if i see any imperfections, i will usually burr it down to not be noticeable.


Does it make sense?

I hope I answered all of your questions.


If you wish, my assistant Julie can contact you and schedule a complimentary skype interview. 




Dr. Tahiri


Youssef H. Tahiri, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FAAP, FACS

Plastic, Reconstructive and Craniofacial Surgery

Cedars Sinai Medical Group

Beverly Hills, CA

(310) 385-6090 office

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