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Our new website, soon to be launched:

Dr. Reinisch and myself are very excited to inform our patients that we are currently working on a website on Microtia. We will be soon launching this informative website to provide our patients with the most up to date information about Microtia, Atresia, Microtia repair, atresia repair as well as Combined Atresia Microtia repair.


In this upcoming website, we will have an extensive photo gallery featuring patients of Dr. Reinisch as well as my patients. Obviously, every microtia patient is different and we aim to provide an individualized treatment to all of our microtia/atresia patients.


In this upcoming website, you will find also a “treatment timeline table” to help guide families. This table will help guide families with regards to what to do next from birth until the ear reconstruction. We will also provide details of the type of CT scan of the temporal bone needed at around 2.5 years of age. This CT scan allows us to to determine if your child is a candidate for an atresia repair. Moreover, it will allow us to rule out a cholesteatoma. The presence of a cholesteatoma precludes the MEDPOR™ ear reconstruction. An unrecognized cholesteatoma can lead to future infection and loss of a MEDPOR™ ear reconstruction. Thus, it is important to rule out this pathology prior to embarking in a MEDPOR™ ear reconstruction for Microtia.

The parameters of the CT scan will be described also in the website.


This website will go over the pathophysiology of Microtia and Atresia extensively. We also answer a lot of common questions that parents ask us about Microtia.

We will have a large section dedicated to the various treatment options, including MEDPOR™ ear reconstruction, cartilage ear reconstruction, and prosthesis. We will be going over the risks, benefits and alternatives. We will also discuss the complications associated with MEDPOR™ Ear reconstruction.


We are very excited about this website and the information that will be relayed in it.


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