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Medpor ear reconstruction – what it looks like at 2 weeks post-operatively

I often get asked how the ear will look like at the 2-week post-operative visit after a Medpor Ear Reconstruction for Microtia.

So, after surgery, i usually apply a blue silicone mold on the reconstructed ear. That mold is fixated to the scalp with sutures and stays in for a total of 2 weeks. At the 2-week post-op visit, we remove the mold in the office and wash the head of the patient. Parents are shown how to wash the ear gently daily using their fingers. A silicone splint is made for use each night for 4 months. A light coating of antibiotic ointment is placed on the ear before applying the splint for the next week.

At that point, the ear is usually quite swollen. With Medpor ear reconstrustion, the swelling is worse at the beginning and keeps getting better with time. So you will expect a relatively swollen ear when we remove the mold. The older the patient is, the more swelling it will be… It ultimately all gets better with time, over the first 4-6 months.

Here is a picture of an ear reconstruction performed 2 weeks ago. We just removed the mold. Still swollen, but everything looks good and viable. I am convinced he will have a great result. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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