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Prepare yourself or your Child for Ear Reconstruction recovery

Recovery from ear reconstruction is relatively short, but needs to be handled carefully and dutifully to ensure the best results for you or your child. Patients can generally return to light activities about three days after surgery. However, it could take up to three months for swelling to fully subside and permanent results to be visible. It is also important to consider the recovery needed if rib cartilage is harvested or if a skin graft is taken from the patient’s body. Dr. Tahiri personally plans and coordinates every surgery he performs, and he can discuss the full scope of ear reconstruction recovery with you at our practice in Beverly Hills, CA.

Our team can provide you with comprehensive recovery information and answer any questions you may have before sending you or your child home after surgery.


We take the care we provide to our youngest patients very seriously. An essential part of treatment is administering the proper medication to manage pain and prevent infection. We can also provide extensive information, items for wound treatment, and anything else you may need to safely care for your child during the recovery period.


Following surgery, patients are typically groggy and disoriented and will need someone to drive them to and from the procedure. Our doctors equip patients with a compression garment to wear for the first 24 hours following surgery. Younger patients may be tempted to touch and scratch their ear and the area around it, so constant supervision is important to ensure that the surgical area remains undisturbed.

Our team will be in close contact throughout the recovery process, and we will schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress and provide ongoing care.

Patients will need a lot of rest, but it is crucial that they do not sleep on their recently operated ear. For restless sleepers, our doctors can provide additional information to promote proper healing.


For the next two days, patients will need to wear a special headband over their ears, but they should expect to see a significant reduction in swelling. During this critical time, bleeding and pain should subside as well. However, it is important to contact Dr. Tahiri if these symptoms do not diminish. Our team will be in close contact throughout the recovery process, and we will schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress and provide ongoing care.


With the approval from your doctor, patients can return to work and other routines about one week after surgery. Supervision will still be important for younger patients during this time, and parents should discourage rough and strenuous activities that could displace the ear. Once the initial recovery is complete, patients can recommence all activities. However, they may not see permanent results until three months later, when swelling should subside entirely.


Dr. Tahiri is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience helping patients address congenital ear deformities. If you are interested in learning more about surgery or recovery, contact our office online or call us at (310) 255-4476 to schedule a consultation.