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Jawline enhancement

A balanced facial profile is desirable. In fact, it is difficult to look very attractive without jawline definition and adequate chin projection

Our jaw angle is located at the rear transition area from the lower jaw to the neck. If this contour is weakly developed, the face appears to be round. Over time the face and neck areas become more and more “blurred” due to sagging fat and skin tissue. Jaw line enhancement by means of an implant can surgically accentuate this area, toning up the skin again. 

The jawline may be augmented with or without augmentation of the chin. Implants are carefully centered at the angle of the mandible, extending superiorly at the level of the ramus and anteriorly at the level of the body. This procedure is called Jawline augmentation.

The aesthetic importance of an unbroken line along the jawline is increasingly being recognized. Commonly, there is a depression on either side of the chin, which seems to become more pronounced with aging. If this depression is filled in, the chin tends to blend in with the jawline, which looks very attractive. This is why implants today are longer and wrap around the jaw, to help achieve this unbroken continuity. Jawline augmentation can also serve to camouflage the jowls. This can be a temporizing measure in patients who are not yet ready for a facelift.