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Frontal Brow Bone Reshaping Beverly Hills

Brow Reshaping Surgery Overview

Generally, forehead and brow sculpting can be done via two approaches. The choice of the surgical approach varies depending on whether or not the vertical dimension of the forehead (the distance between the nasal root and the beginning of the hairline) needs to be modified. When some modification of this distance is required to reduce it, the approach is made through the hairline, where the remaining cutaneous fragment is eliminated to modify this vertical dimension. The second access route is the coronal approach.

Dr. Youssef Tahiri has experience with both types of approaches, and can assess which one is best for you when you have a consultation at his plastic surgery office in Beverly Hills.

Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization results from the need to modify masculine features for patients with gender dysphoria (transgender) who are in the process of transitioning into a different gender, or for patients with overly pronounced facial features. The frontonasal-orbital region is especially important areas in the visual identification of facial gender. The modification of masculine facial features is increasingly important in the framework of gender-reassignment for patients with gender dysphoria. Emphasis has been placed on the significance of this treatment for the patient’s self-esteem and confidence, and their ability to incorporate and adapt to their new role in the workplace, society, and family. Facial feminization is a key element in the treatment of gender dysphoria and that it can be more important from the patient’s psychological point of view, in terms of their psychosocial adaptation, than the sexual reassignment itself, which is related more to the patient’s personal life.